In our world today, we are in a state of change. Change is always hard when one has come to be comfortable, complacent, settled into what is. God does not want us to be comfortable, for to be comfortable in our old state of being, we become stuck. Many times in the Bible, people become comfortable in old habits. Many times God shakes them up, and as time goes on, they fall back to old patterns of worship. Change means modify, turn, mature. That is what our time on earth is crying out for right now.

Make me new again, God created me once in His own image, and along the way, things He made and intertwined within the fabric and essence of my being, I let go of, so when He got a hold of me, He restored me, made me new again, repaired, gave me back, built me up to what He created the first time. He strengthened me, lifted me up. He restored my soul.

When He transformed me, do you know what He did? He changed me, my mind was reshaped in its thought process, my character and how I directed my life, my heart were made over, and from within I no longer felt or saw or believed things the way I did before. He gave me a new, way of understanding, of receiving, of believing. My life has completely been overhauled, and the clarity He has given this new me, is filled with a discernment of things I could not understand before. I was gullible, naive, accepting, and accommodating before and that led me down paths that filled me with so much regret.

God is always directing changes in the lives of His people, from the Old Testament through every Book of the New Testament, the people of God are constantly being motivated, on the move, upset, challenged. Jesus did not sit complacent, and as we walk and grow in faith, and ministry, there is no room for rejection of change, there is always restoration, and transformation, so when you find yourself in a place of upset, unsettled, restlessness, ask God where He is bringing change and what is He taking you into. Many times you feel the Spirit moving, you become restless, you get an urge, a burning within where you want to do something, to be of more service for the Lord, you want to make a change, but you don’t like or know what or where the change is leading, go with it and see where God is leading you. Old things are passed away, all things become new when you give your Spirit, Soul and Mind to our ever changing God.

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