How BIG Is Your GOD? What God Is, or Is Not. What God Does or Does Not Want.

It has been very difficult to focus lately, with all that is going on. Hearing the thoughts and realizing the hearts of the people who are “for God”. I have struggled to move forward. Hearing what man says God wants, listening to all the things that don’t line up with the Word, man is turning God into a commercial entity that fits their ideal of who He is and what He wants. So God is diminished to almost being just a human being.

What God Does Not Expect is for man to minimize Him, or explain Him, or fit Him in a box to be tasteful to our needs, wants, or desires.

What God Does Not Want, is to be lowered to the standards of the things He created.

I know that God is still God. He is still the Alpha, and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the God of all creations, and the healer and deliverer, so I know that unless man gets off his high and mighty horse and stops making God , into “god”, this whole world is headed for destruction, which is why things are as they are right now.

Christians, are following a fallen leader, who has no respect, or love, or knowledge of the true and living God, and they condemn anyone who disagrees with their opinions or who do not follow the same path. Some are consumed with an historical love for idols that do not represent the God of the Bible. It hit me hard, to hear, and to realize that, and because of how that felt, I have felt isolated from all Christians, and feel my life is just me and God. I still feel God’s hand and His healing, blessing power on my life, but trying to communicate has been hard. I didn’t want to interact, to reach out, but God’s urging does not subside, so I press on.

I have a duty to share God’s healing, for our physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual needs.

What God is Not is an isolator, or a Father of, or lover of conflict, or condemnation, or confusion which is what I have been dealing with in the last month, although we have been isolated, just the contacts I have connected with socially. That is what I have been faced with and have been battling to keep from entering my heart, mind, and spirit. I will not follow any man who believes in the evil being good, and if I have to be alone in my walk because of that, then, my walk will be alone with God leading me. There have been bright spots, things that have shown me my God is in control. He has shown me so many things, changes in mindsets of some I keep in prayer. He is greater than anything our minds and imaginations can conceive and He is making shifts in the atmosphere. Get ready, expand your minds, pray for God’s Grace and Mercy.

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