Separation From God Brings Disease

As I have been sharing through the Word of God concerning how mankind including Christians have diseases, as I continue, I want to remind that separation from God, His Word, and His love is where we begin. We love God with our minds, and through our understanding that we should, or we must, but is that love truly within our heart, soul, and spirit? We must realign ourselves with God, embrace the truth of the Father’s love for us, and give ourselves, wholly, and completely, without reservation, and partitioning unto Him.

We were not created to be sick, to have diseases, to be medically managed, God’s plan and intention for us is to be free from sin, free from sicknesses and free from all diseases. to be cured and to live a more excellent life.

3 Replies to “Separation From God Brings Disease”

  1. Thank you for all these wonderful posts Rosie. I am blessed by reading and meditating on them. I’m sorry you have not heard any responses from me sooner, but I have been having so much trouble receiving any mail on my internet, and have been out if town quite a bit. Keep up the good work, God is blessing you.


  2. Thanks so much for all these great messages Rosie. I’m sorry you have not heard from me sooner, but my internet has been messed up for a while now, and I can’t always get into this site. Keep up the good work, God is blessing you.


  3. Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting support. It is needed. As I struggle through this new pathway, I pray everyday that my voice will express what God intends, not my words or thoughts. Pray with and for me as I follow what God wants His people to hear.


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