A Christian In Heart

I think and pray about what message I want to share in each post, but this post has been building all week. Lately, it has become a confusion about what a “Christian” really is, because those who consider themselves “Christians” do more to promote ungodliness, unholiness, and sin. These things are acceptable, promoted, and believed to be condoned by God.  I was at a point where I just did not want to be associated with being a christian, and was actively seeking for another title.  I started searching, and then I started praying, and now I want to share;  Christian life by your own efforts is like a ship on dry land.  Christian life to be enjoyed needs to be seated and resting in God.  Christian life is life in Christ, not in ourselves, the real life in this body trusting in the Son of God, who gave His life for our sins.  So when I hear Christians say, “he or she is a “good” person, a good Christian person, and you know they do life according their own thinking, their own sinful behaviors, why do you call them good?  What is it that makes people accept every and anything and expect God is going to do the same?  Do we control God?  I get so dismayed in how things are going today, evil is not only present on every hand, but evil is brushed off like dust on our clothes, and the effort to condemn it or change and turn from it is not being seen.  When I grew up, there was consequences to doing wrong, to telling lies, to taking things that were not your, not given to you, not asked for, and to be mean and hurtful, and hateful, was not tolerated.  I am seeing less and less of the kind of Christian behavior I grew up trained into, and now the condemnation comes from Christians who follow evil, accept evil, and those people condemn you who disagree with or do not join or follow.  I am sure that God is grieving over the fall of true Christianship, because it even hurts me, on earth to see it, hear it, and know that it is bringing God’s creation down to a pit of destruction.  You may find comfort in evil behavior, it is easier than turning and denouncing it in any form, from any source, but evil will never be accepted by God, all it does is show, that you are not truly His, and luke-warm will not make it into the kingdom.  Do you stand for good or for God?  What makes us stronger faith in God, or faith that man is “good”?  That you are judgmental or discerning of spirits?

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