The Call


As I struggle to walk this path that God has destined for me, I still find myself with a need to be encouraged, directed, endorsed, and because I do not have that on a daily, weekly basis, I question whether this is from God, or just my zeal and desire to be used by God.

I seek His guidance daily, and when I ask “God show me that is ministry is from you, is through you, not my own desire to speak, but your words that flow from my heart, mind, spirit, and mouth,” and immediately, He sends confirmation, comfort, and peace.  The approval I seek is from man, from those who are in the ministry, but it never comes from that source.  God spoke in my spirit, “why do you need man’s approval?, I called you”.  I am refreshed when I hear that, then the weakness comes again, when I see or hear others who are chosen by man, and yet here I am, getting that pat on the head, “yeah, that’s nice, that’s good” and they continue to push me back and choose others, somebody, anybody but her, please not her!  I feel the old feelings of rejection from childhood, chosen last, consolation last, and then my Father, speaks to my spirit, sometimes loud enough to seem as one in the room with me, “I chose you, you don’t need man’s approval, you have mine, I chose you”.  Then He reaffirms that message by having it come out of the mouth of someone He sends to comfort me, to lift me up, His exact words that I just heard from Him.  I sought the Lord and He heard my plea, and delivered me from all my fears, my sins, and my doubts about who I am, and what my purpose is in this life here on earth.  It no longer matters who accepts me, my calling to serve God, and why He chose this particular ministry, this is the message God needs to have spread, to have His people gain understanding and wisdom and knowledge concerning their salvation and that He wants His people who are called by His name to be HEALED, and to live a more excellent life, not as the world lives, but to live wholly, and HOLY for Him.

That is my call, to get and to share an understanding of how our physical beings, and our Spiritual beings are connected and that our health is greatly affected by our thoughts, and our beliefs and there is not going to be wholeness without the two connecting and joining on the same accord.  Do you want to be healed?  Do you want to walk with God in a more excellent way?  Do you hunger and thirst after a better, healthier life, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally?

Let’s walk together where God will give you greater wisdom, prophesy, exhortation and discernment, through His Word.


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