Pressing On In Jesus’ Name

For the last three weeks I have been on about my Father’s business.  Following the purpose for which He has Redeemed me, and brought me back to live here on earth.  I know that this is His will for me, and every time I press forward, I feel God’s power and strength in every task.  I know that I must continue to grow, so that my message(s) will become clearer to those who hear these words, and especially for me that when I present His words, they will flow from this vessel like the rivers of living water that they are, and that they will refresh the receiver, and open the eyes, ears, and the hearts, to bring about the transformation they brought to me, with the understanding of what the purpose for God choosing me to bring this particular Word(Jesus), in this time that it is so needed.

Take some time and get into the word with me.  Don’t think that because it comes from me, that it is not the true word, read each passage for yourself, and I pray, God gives you the discernment, the understanding, and the wisdom that truly comes from God, my Father, thru the Word(Jesus), and through the comforting, and healing Holy Spirit.

I pray you will give this ministry, from a newly endorsed by God, layman(untrained), your true focus, unbiased beliefs, and your heart for God, and His will that we all be healed, and come into His sanctification.

To be truly God’s, we must desire and strive to  live a more excellent life,  to be willing to be changed, be healed, and live in health.

Enjoy the video for today.



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