After my greatest, most challenging journey, it seems I just dropped off the face of the earth.  In a sense, not literally, I did just that.  My life changed, God took control where I had been holding back a part of myself, as most of us do, because we feel without control who are we?

I started to allow God to show me what would be my new path, my life restored, I totally belong to God, so I have been in training to be God’s minister of healing, and now, I want to share the God I know with “he who has ears to hear”, those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, healing, deliverance, I want to connect with you, and share what God has given me.

I have come to understand that everyone of us has a need for healing, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, there is healing for everything that touches our lives, we just have to seek it.

This is my calling, this is why God spared me when I was ready to go home with Him, He spoke life into my body, and I am determined to do what He has sent me to do, if you are seeking, let’s work together to find what is waiting for you.

I remember what it was like to be seeking, to have questions and to not find, it is a hunger that cannot be satisfied, until you get that water from the well that does not run dry, you probably will never be satisfied, as I was, and it is so frustrating, defeating, and the most unpeaceful way to live.  Let us draw from the well together, God wants us to be healed and to live a more excellent way, in Him.

I have a Thursday night Zoom meeting at 6pm if you want to join me there: 005 519 password 777132

if you don’t want to go there, I will also post the discussion on  under media so you can view the video

my site:  A Point With A View or

is my platform and I hope that what I share will enlighten you as it did me.

If you don’t meet me there, God Bless You.  Maybe you may want to leave your name and request prayer, I would be honored to pray with or for you and your need.

This video doesn’t exist


This is not a short teaser, it is a full length message.  Please take some time and enjoy.

God IS Good.

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