Chemo Infusion #2 My Second Course

Monday I had my second chemo infusion.  It went two hours less than the first.  When the day was done, I felt great, an extension of the blessed week before.  Praise God.  I am praying that I have this entire week feeling normal enough to attend our “O Come Let Us Adore Him fifth year concert. 


I explained how horrible the first infusion was and praise God, they told me I should have informed them of how badly I was suffering, and there were things that I could have been prescribed to take the edge off some of the side effects.  Don’t hesitate to ask.  I thought about going in, but thought from what I read, this was supposed to be the hardest, roughest think my body would endure.  I may have been able to get through it a little lighter than “hell”.  I had to get the new meds for to counteract the harsh symptoms, but as it turned out, my insurance is now being affected by the new reverse medical laws.  We had to do some maneuvering to get a pill supply to fit my budget, so I have to pick it up tomorrow after I get to my bank.

So, Tues, I still felt almost normal, a little tired, lethargic, so I took an afternoon nap, that I though went into the next morning, it was so dark when I suddenly woke up.  I wanted to get to Choir Rehearsal, and was so confused from the medication I had taken to keep my stomach settled, I thought it was Wed. morning around 5:15am, instead of Tues. evening at that time.  I learned the difference, got myself ready and praise the Lord, I was able to be at Dress Rehearsal.  I was able to get the meds I needed today, so that helped with the stomach symptoms, to counteract the severe stomach aches and to help relax my system.  Thank God.

Wed.  I woke up feeling, a little off, listless, and have been that off feeling way all through the day.  Tongue is slightly numb, gums numb, and stomach is starting to get a little shaky.  I just pray I can make it through this week and through Sunday’s concert, Please Jesus.  I want to get to Bible Study tonight, and then I will rest up for Sat. and Sun. go to church, and then to the concert both nights.  Praying and believing.

I am just so happy I have been feeling as well as I am, and God has got this!.

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