No Two Days Are Alike; So Keep Praying for Better

There are no two days alike.  Monday, I felt I was turning the corner from the sickness and pain, till evening, and all into the morning hours.  Tuesday, I was wiped out.  Wednesday, I was not so sick early in the day, but around 3pm, it all starts to go down, and into the early morning hours.  Thursday, I was not feeling strong, and was under the weather all day.  Then came Friday, I woke early, feeling excited about daylight, and was well all day long, all evening and into the night.  Saturday, early in the dawn, came with a sharp, piercing pain in my head, it felt like a nerve that needed to be clamped.  This lasted all day, regardless of the Tylenol intake, and this lasted all night.

Come Sunday morning, Jesus woke me around 3am, and we spent all morning together.  I had no more headaches, and no other pains.  Still dealing with pain in exit departments, and diarrhea still my constant companion, but other than that, I feel good today.  Praise God!!!  I got to go to church today!! First time since November 12th when I got the chemo.  Hallelujah, Glory to God!.

I don’t know how I will feel from one day to the next, but I thank God for how I feel today.  I still can feel a little vertigo, but a little vertigo is nothing, by comparison.  I have one week to go before chemo infusion #2.  I pray I can enjoy this week, I pray that I am able go practice this Tues. and Bible Study on Wed.

Next week, I am praying that I can make it through the week and be blessed to participate in our Fifth Annual “Come Let Us Adore Him” Christmas Concert, at my wonderful Calvary Chapel Fluvanna.  Such wonderful people, so filled with God’s Holy Spirit.  God has truly blessed me to be with the most awesome choral group, The Voices of Faith, who are spirit-filled prayer warriors all day, every day, such an absolute blessing to me through all I have endured.  That’s God!

I attempted to post this on Sunday, but when I went to retrieve an image, I lost the post.  I decided to wait a day to see if it would come back, and here it is.  I only want to add that God is so awesome, today is Monday, and it was two Mondays ago that chemo took me down, and out of circulation.  Each day was worse than the one before, and more horrible than I could imagine.  No sugar coating on this blog.  It sucked with a capital “S”.  I have been sick, deathly ill many times, but, this is something spawned from all my previous aches, pains, near death experiences.  I can not imagine what fresh hell on earth each new chemo class will teach me, and whether or not I am strong enough physically to endure, so I want to be present while I can.  Today, I feel great, by weakness standards.  I got out to church yesterday, then walked around outside a bit, and today, I took myself to handle my business that has been on hold since I got knocked down by chemo.  Thank you God, for blessing me to be able to get up, and out, and handle business, and come back to write again.  I have even laid out the formats to four of my book projects.  I am on a roll.  I have seven days before the next chemo infusion, and I want to make the most of it.  Live life, as they say; “To the fullest of my capacity”.


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