Finding the Positive

Knowing that tomorrow begins Phase 2 of my journey, my heart has been heavy all week, with dread, and foreboding.  As God guides my steps through my appointment to get the port placement for what will be months of chemotherapy, and all that entails, it has been a ‘firing squad’, ‘cross carrying’ mentally overwhelming, slow tick tock, tick tock week, but this morning, God smoothed the wrinkles of my thoughts and reminded me that there is a blessing in this treatment.  I understand this is necessary to kill any and all cancer cells that remain within us even when all focused cancer is removed.  Just when you think it’s safe to go back into living.

So as I go through this next phase, I want to share with you what it is like to live through this hard challenge, because unless you are living through it, the picture is like “looking through a glass darkly”.  I am walking in Psalm 139.  Several verses bring peace and comfort to my soul, I live it. I am blessed by its sweet and wonderful words daily.

I am uplifted by God’s attention to me and how He continues to comfort and hold me, console me, love me, I have never known so much peace.  In Thee O Lord, do I put my trust.

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