Storms of Life

Leaning on a raindrop in the midst of a storm

Leaning on a raindrop in the midst of a storm

My back feels strength and comfort of its arms

As we break from the clouds and fall aimlessly from the skies

there is no fear, and no danger seen in my eyes.

We amble towards the ground, oblivious to the wind’s force,

Steady on our intended course; I know you will land calmly

without the urgency that breaks apart in pieces which cannot be restored

or put back together.

I know I am safe, so I trust you to guide us, as we go through the turmult

that from a distance appear to embrace us.

One raindrop in the midst of a many adversaries, my calming, guiding, redeeming

protector, on which I will wholely lean in the midst of all my storms.

Rosemary Stovall


I wrote this poem during my  healing process, because as I was freefalling in my own strength and my own reserve, I was totally covered in God’s mercy and grace, and it was His power that carried me through the storm.  I looked at Job in his times of tribulation when he spoke in Job 12:23.  He was feeling hurt, and yet not forsaken, not abandoned, so he rationalize for a while about his path and his continued faithfulness, his trust and belief in the God who had given him so much, he said of God; “He makes the nations great, then destroys them”; because he acknowledged God’s infinite power above all his own surroundings and circumstances.  Knowing God  on a much greater arena than just what was happening to him.   Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him”. He maintained his faith, in spite of how his world around was crushed, all that he had built was taken away including his own health.  His wife, and his friends were not supporting and upholding and comforting, it did not turn him away from the God whom he loved and served. In my current struggle, I have been so blessed by God, with a strong support and prayer circle,  and I know He is carrying me, filling me with hope, lifting me when I feel weak, comforting me with His peace.   In Job 14:7-8 and Job 14:14 7) There is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again and its shoots will not fail 8) Though its roots grow old in the ground and its stump dies in dry soil 14) If a man dies, will he live again?  All the days of my struggle I will wait until my change comes.

God is the God of restoration, and of healing, sometimes it takes a shape of being cut down to the root, a fire that burns away all the previous persona and what was rotting is removed.   The metamorphosis, that emerges, shows no trace of the old.  It is fresh and revitalized, full of a newness, that is energized with hope.  All that must transpire to bring me through my struggle, in that vein,  I am like Job, I will wait until my change comes.  I am being transformed, in body, mind, spirit, and my soul eagerly wants to serve in a better way, on a higher plane, because God, is tearing  down that old broken, stagnant, decaying tree that I was, and is making me new.

Today, I want to add a special prayer section because I know my God is working through situations that seem hard and His warriors are feeling the heat of the battle and need to feel His power right now, to lift and restore and change:  I’m praying for a first year teacher who has worked in missions, and God has found a place to use her in a school in Henrico, County, Va. Her class is filled with students who greatly need love and attention and to learn, yet their lives are filled distractions from ungodly sources.  Her heart is big, but she needs God’s power to sustain her as the students in first grade are making her ability to work effectively almost an afterthought to discipline, attention, and patience.  She is struggling in a very challenging school system, where the family and the school support are not working hand in hand. We all know who will suffer the most from this negative plan of action, so I am asking that we all pray for her, and for her students.  She is Hannah Y, and next month is her wedding, but this negative , unhealthy first year of teaching has somewhat robbed her of the pre wedding joy she should be feeling right now.  Her students that are suffering the most that you should call out in prayer daily:  Pray for Jahiyah, Tyler, Jasaun, Marcus, Marquise, Roger, Zachariah, and Jordan, as we ask God to move on the inside of each of these little ones who are struggling and have no love and support, and no desire to learn, who lack family structure, and homes and love, and Hannah is doing all she can to teach them, love them, help them.  You can imagine this environment is having a physical effect on her as she has a heart to love, teach, nurture, and instruct, and be a minister of the Lord in a challenging place.

I also want us to pray for some others who need God’s healing:  Harold is a kind and quiet servant who is in dire need of a kidney, so we pray a donor is revealed to him right now.  Judy K , is in need of and is scheduled for a cornea transplant, Bob K, has been battling cancer, and chemo, and radiation, and we ask for strength, and for physical healing, dear God.  Finally, for families separating and falling apart, we ask for you to intervene Lord, and not let our will be stronger than your Godly will to keep families together, children are hurting when we put our wants and desires above your will for families to walk and worship as a unit.  We pray in your name, that you will intercede, dear Jesus, and fix, heal, restore, and strengthen in all these situations.  Amen.


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