The Power

The Power Within


Walking with God is different for every individual that goes without saying.  I watch others who walk in faith and there are times I envy the way they walk with God, their intimate connection, their self assurance.  Ever notice how some Christians talk with such profound words and expressions and then there are others who just walk like they are lifted so high, then I talk to God and almost apologetically, ask why it is that I don’t come across with such spirituality?  I don’t doubt my faith, my salvation, and I know that I could not hold all the spirituality I witness, or how would I remain on earth in human form if I embodied every bit of what I want, what I see.  I wonder if other Christians ever feel they are not doing or giving or being enough, not enough witness, not enough praise, not enough holiness?  Why can’t I know all the scriptures, speak to every needy soul, bring out more Godliness, peace, love, and forgiveness as I walk and encounter others?  Then I wonder, am I the only one who thinks like this?  What are your thoughts?


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