Expressing Your Views In A Positive Manner

How one expresses themselves displays more than what is being said, it gives insight into a deeper reveal of who that person is inside, how things affect them and how they tend to handle various aspects of what is going on around them.  A remark made in humor, has hidden meanings, and one made with depth and sincerity, may get the opposite reception.  “What you say and what you mean, may not come across as you wanted”, but when we have a platform to elaborate, and openly express our hearts, it takes the questions, and misunderstanding out, and all parties learn something unexpected.  Wisdom comes from understanding, and understanding is a true prophetic gift from God.  Sometimes we wish we had a place where we can share our thoughts, but a public forum such as Facebook, emails, and Instagrams are not the place.  Here is a place to discuss a variety of topics on issues that affect each one differently, and where someone has information on topics that you may be confounded or confused about, wishing there was an immediate source, other than Google, where real life witness brings clarity and peace within.

We will not debate, or bring confusion, and everything in this blog, is meant to bring you peace, wisdom, understanding, revelation, and positivity.  What is on your mind, what is troubling your heart, what will help you move forward to the next positive step on your path?

Different people need comfort and uplifting in different areas, and I have a few categories I will discuss, and bring information that interest me, and if you are not on board for any given topic being discussed, share your topic and we will open up communication to share your thoughts with other readers.

Dream Big
Be Inspired
Have Courage
Live In Harmony

Our First Topic is Inspiration:

What is your Inspiration?

To Begin the conversation, I am inspired by God, and how when you think things are hopeless, you wake up, before you put foot to the floor, change has already come, from the night before, and the loss of sleep spent trying to figure what to do, once you realize that you have to face that new day, and the problems you have awaiting that you cried over and knew would swallow you, God spent the night, moving things around, shutting down things that you are anxious about, and the fear slowly subsides.  You see, His hand in every movement, and nothing that was supposed to defeat you, is having the victory.  I stand in awe, and just say; “Look at you God”!  Thank you.

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